School Board Information

School Board Meeting Information

Regular School Board meetings are held at 6:30 P.M. on the 3rd Thursday of each month (with the exception of the August meeting, which is held on the Thursday prior to the first day of school) at the MH District Administration Building,  2465 Rodeo Drive, Mountain Home, AR.  

The minutes represent official actions taken by the Board, but do not include verbatim transcripts of conversations and discussions from each meeting.

School Board Meeting Dates for 2021-2022

School Board Meeting Information for 2021-2022:

07.15.21:  Agenda     Minutes     Personnel Report

08.12.21:  Agenda     Minutes     Personnel Report

09.16.21:  Agenda     Minutes     Personnel Report           

10.07.21: Agenda Minutes

10.21.21:  Agenda     Minutes     Personnel Report

11.18.21:  Agenda     Minutes     Personnel Report

12.16.21:  Agenda     Minutes     Personnel Report

1.04.22: Agenda     Minutes     Personnel Report

1.20.22: Agenda     Minutes     Personnel Report

2.17.22: Agenda     Minutes     Personnel Report

3.17.22: Agenda     Minutes     Personnel Report

4.21.22: Agenda     Minutes     Personnel Report

5.19.22: Agenda     Minutes     Personnel Report

6.16.22: Agenda     Minutes     Personnel Report

Previous Board Meeting Information:

2020-21:    Meeting Dates    Agendas    Minutes    Personnel Report

2019-20:    Meeting Dates    Agendas    Minutes    Personnel Report

2018-19:    Meeting Dates    Agendas    Minutes    Personnel Report

2017-18:    Meeting Dates    Agendas    Minutes    N/A

2016-17:    N/A                       Agendas    Minutes    N/A