an update from Dr. Jake Long

Today a student at Pinkston Middle School discovered a list of student names titled “Hit List.” The student reported the list to adults, and the student who created the list was detained and questioned right away. Law enforcement was notified immediately. All parents of the students on the list were also notified immediately. The student who created the list has been disciplined according to district policy, and law enforcement will continue to investigate. We have no reason to believe there is any threat to students or staff, but we certainly take this situation seriously and will continue to be vigilant regarding these matters. Please know that per protocol, anyone involved in a potentially dangerous or threatening situation is not allowed on our campuses until safety has been ensured for all involved. Rest assured that we will always notify the parents/guardians of anyone considered to be involved in situations like this one.  Thank you to everyone for your concern and support for our students and their safety.