a graphic that says an update from Dr. Jake Long, Superintendent

Bomber Community, 

We are heartbroken at the result of our special millage election that fell 17 votes short of passing. While the result was disappointing, I am very thankful to the 1,592 “yes” votes who came out to support our schools. I am also thankful to all the individuals from the A+ for Education Committee who worked tirelessly to make sure the public was informed on this issue. 

I’m confident that if a number of the “no” votes fully understood the issue that they were voting on, they would not have been able to cast a Nay. With that in mind, we will spend the next 6-8 weeks listening to the public with the goal of understanding why they did not vote on the issue or why they voted no. This will allow us to make adjustments and make a plan for how to proceed. The first public forum will be located in the MHHS cafeteria on Thursday, August 25 from 5-7 p.m.

The issues we have to address are not going away. Securing that campus has to happen, addressing the infrastructure failures has to happen, and ensuring we have adequate space for student programming that supports our local workforce has to happen.

Proud to be a Bomber today and every day,